Parking lot Service

Parking Lot Service

Sunday September 20th @ 11:00am

  • In case of inclement weather, please note that if it is raining the service will be cancelled. An email will also be sent out and a post made on the corps Facebook page. If you do not have internet access please call Captain Jeff.
  • Each person attending the gathering must remain in their vehicle at all times. This includes child passengers.
  • No chairs outside of vehicles are allowed.
  • Acceptable vehicles are those that are designed to be closed to the elements (no motorcycles for example).
  • Vehicles should not be left idling.
  • One Household per vehicle or members of your social circle as defined by the provincial government. People must not be in a vehicle that contains members of more than one household (or members of social circle).
  • People should be advised to self-screen at home and not attend if they are ill. Please see the following link for self evaluation:
  • The driver of the vehicle must ensure that the vehicle is positioned at least two meters (6 feet) from other vehicles. Guidance will be provided by parking attendants.
  • Windows can be lowered in order to hear the service, and to keep cool, but there is to be NO VISITING at the windows or outside the vehicles.