Who We Are

the LeDrew family

Major Dwayne LeDrew and Brandi LeDrew

On July 1, 2022, Majors Dwayne LeDrew and Brandi LeDrew, along with their children Zoe and Lucas, were appointed to Ottawa Citadel as the corps officers/pastors. Major Brandi is a member of the Forward 2000 Session (1998-2000), and Major Dwayne is a member of the Believers Session (2001-2003). During their years of ministry, they have served exclusively in Newfoundland appointments until their arrival in Ottawa. They both have a passion for the Lord, building relationships with people and showing everyone they meet the love of God. They will lead Ottawa Citadel together, but each has different focuses: Major Brandi is interested in emergency and disaster services (EDS) and youth work. Major Dwayne spends much time focusing on community work and administration.

The LeDrews have unique educational backgrounds; they stand on their relationship with Christ as first and foremost. The LeDrews believe their children are an active and vital part of their ministry.Their daughter Zoe is in grade 12 and their son Lucas is in grade 5.

The whole family is excited to see what God has in store at Ottawa Citadel.